EP105: Shemane Nugent, Podcaster vs Podcaster

Shemane 1.jpg

Sheman Nugent is on today and we are interviewing each other! Podcaster vs. Podcaster! We ask each other some fun questions and get into some of the down and dirty topics! Make sure to check out her podcast: This Rockin' Life!

Things you will learn from Shemane

  • Laura's fist memory of the Nugent name
  • Shemane and Ted's history
  • Wedding marraige
  • How Laura got into podcasting
  • Wondering how we went hunting for our honeymoons.....
  • Laura = Complainer
  • Things of the hunt
  • The taking of a life
  • Gutless method
  • Started teaching fitness in 1980
  • Mold found in her home
  • ZUMBA!
  • 10 minute workouts
  • Email that changed lives
  • I want to go where I am celebrated, not tolerated!
  • Handling the negativity 
  • I'm going to be me
  • What drove Shemane to start a podcast

Website: http://shemanenugent.rocks/

Social Media

FB: Shemane Nugent

IG: @shemanenugent

TW: @shemanenugent

YouTube: Shemane Nugent

Monday & Wednesday 10 minute workout: 5:15pm CST