EP107: BHA Live Podcast


Live podcasting with some of my favorite ladies? Yes please!

Check out this awesome podcast with Laura Eakin, Ashley Kurtenbach, Courtney Nicolson and Yana Robertson!

What you will learn

  • Laura's hunting background
  • Ashley's hunting background
  • Courtney's hunting background
  • Yana's hunting background
  • "The title of this precentation is Hunting Widow, none of you are hunting widows. So where does it come from?"
  • Answers
  • Laura's story
  • Breaking points
  • "What does our hunting network look like? Who do you like to go out with?"
  • Answeres
  • Groups Courtney works with
  • #KnowITAllThatDoesntKnowItAll
  • "My daughter is 4... How much do I give her a choice and how critical is it to search out for female role models?"
  • Answers
  • Yana: take crayons, they will remember it if it's good or bad
  • Ashley: teach them the little things and along the way, keep them busy
  • Laura: know their limitations
  • Courtney: find the organizations in your state
  • What is your favorite outdoor reading?
  • Laura: American Buffalo & Coyote America
  • Yana: Beyond Fair Chase & Tom Brown Jr. and Field Guides
  • Ashley: Health and Fitness, Podcasts, Magazines
  •  Courtney: Magazines
  • "Recommendations on female podcasts or authors?"
  • The Widow...... Hunt Harvest Health
  • Jana Waller, Kristy Titus, Jules McQueen, Melissa Bachman
  • Meeting up with IG people
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