EP103: Morgan Mills

Sitting down with Morgan Mills at the GWG booth over in Las Vegas for Shot Show 2018 was so much fun! This busy girl talks about what got her into hunting and her love of country music!

Things you will learn from Morgan

  • Met at The Well Armed Women Conference
    • Carry Lightfoot = Spirit Animal
  • GWG, TWAW, Singing, Hunting, Traveling
  • Song with Colt Ford - Let's Ride 
  • North Carolina - New York - Los Angeles - Nashville
  • Food show steered her into hunting
  • Turkey Hunt memories with GWG
  • TV Show with NRA - Country Music in the Outdoors
  • The disconnect during the hunt
  • Females on the rise
  • Changes in the industry
  • #KeepItClassy
  • #WCW #WomenCrushWednesday
    • Jen & Norissa - GWG
    • Abby Casey - Rated Red
    • Jessica Byers - Follow Her Arrow
  • #GirlPower
  • Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Rapid Fire Questions

Biggest Pet Peeve? When somebody is talking to you but looking around to see who else they can talk to that is more important. Not present

Favorite Comfort Food? Pizza and good BBQ

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? Write more music

If you had a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Someplace warm!

Who has impressed you the most with what they have accomplished? My mom. She is wonder woman. She doesn't know any boundaries.

Social Media

FB: Morgan Mills

IG: @morganmillsmusic

TW: @morganbmills

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