EP101: WHCE - GWG Booth Ladies Happy Hour

Jana Waller & Julie McQueen

  • Show season
  • Editing season
  • There is no off time
  • Involving the kids
  • Social Media....
  • Run by hugs
  • Very supportive community
  • Drop in's from viewers
  • Plans for 2018
  • More collaboration 

Jana: FB: Jana Waller  IG: @skullboundtv

Jules: FB:  Julie McQueen  IG: @julesmcqueen

Sereena Thompson & Coni Brooks

  • On the road food in her room
  • One of her favorite shows
  • Adjustments of Nature's Paint and what to expect for 2018
  • Coni Brooks comes by and joins us!
  • Ladies Hunting Camp
  • Utah Camp at R&K Hunting
  • Top favorite parts of camp
  • Uplifting all 
  • Growing the hunting community
  • Don't be a passive hunter
  • A Girl and A Gun

Sereena: FB: Sereena Thompson   IG: @sereenathompson

Coni: FB: Coni Brooks   IG: @conibrooks1

Jacine Jadresko

  • Enjoying Utah
  • Favorite Parts
  • Ladies Luncheon
  • Fishing in Cabo - Fish Slime
  • Traveling to hunt
  • Mountain Lion Hunt
  • Ban on Grizzly Hunting
  • Future is looking bleak, we need to speak up!
  • Things people say online

Jacine: FB:  Jacine Jadresko  IG: @inkedhuntress

Chelsie Wilkey

  • Changes in her Euro Mount world
  • Teaching at the Ladies Hunting Camp
  • Some fun hunts coming up.

Chelsie: FB: Chelsie Wilkey  IG:  @centeral.mtn.euros

Ashley Kurtenbach

  • Stroller & roller bags
  • Staying out late in Utah
  • Ladies Luncheon
  • The Purse Game
  • BHA work in South Dakota
  • #WWAD - What Would Ashley Do
  • Cleanses

Ashley: FB: Ashley Kurtenbach  IG: @AshleyKurt 

Closure with Norissa!

Norissa: FB: Norissa Harman  IG:  @gwg_nur

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