EP081: Courtney Nicolson

Courtney Nicolson is not your average hunter. She didn't join into the hunting throng until later in life. She grew up going out fishing with her dad and had fun in the water. 

She has always loved writing and TV and decided that that was the industry she wanted to get into. After graduating from a fine arts school, she was made the decision to apply for Sportsmen Channel. Her love for the outdoors grew. After speaking with some of the show hosts, and getting asked if she hunted, she decided it was time to give it a try. Then she was hooked! 

Today, we talk on all things Courtney! From going to school, her favorite hunt and women in the field, Courtney tells us about her experiences!

Things you will learn from Courtney

  • Didn't grow up hunting
  • Grew up fishing, crabbing and clamming, picking muscles and oysters
  • Learned more about hunting through working at Sportsman.
  • Went to school in New York to pursue a career Working in TV.
  • Writing and TV
  • Promotions
  • Rocking out in the car
  • Books
  • Bachelors in Fine arts with a concentration in media arts
    • Film and Video, Audio, and Animation
    • Program was made to make them independant film makers
  • How you start in New York
  • Swamp People, Destination Design, Money on the Menu, Dual Survival
  • Bucket List Hunts
  • Tree stand and blind hunter back east
  • What shows got you motivated?
  • Hunters Ed in the Bronx.....
  • Substance abuse facility - no range portion
  • Tips at beginning
  • Archery 
  • Trophy Hunting
  • Wolves
  • Explaining yourself
  • Favorite story
  • 3Gun
  • Colorado Women Who Hunt
  • How we can get more women and children involved


Rapid Fire Links

What job do you feel you would be terrible at? Most jobs...... 

If you could turn anything into a Olympic sport, what would you have the chance at winning a medal for? Napping on the beach

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? Do all the things I do already just more.

What fictional place would you like to visit or live in? Game of Thrones! But I would love to visit, not live there.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on? The top of my bucket list, duck hunting in Alaska!

What are some of the small things that make your day better? I love hearing from my friends who are scattered around the country.

What TV channel doesn't exist but really should? I would love to watch something, 24 hour show like surviver but for farming. How they live that lifestyle.

What skill would you like to master? Just one? Pistol shooting

Biggest pet peeve? People who litter.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years? I don't even know yet, and I find that exciting! 10 years of adventures and exploring new places. 

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