EP079: Bri Van Scotter with Wilderness To Table

Bri Van Scotter is a chef turned hunter. She did not grow up in a hunting family, her dad would go fishing and her mom was a pure animal lover. She used to villainize hunters for going out and killing such beautiful animals. 

As her career in cooking began to take off, Bri began learning about how other people ate and their diet choices. There was a wave were veganism was very popular, and she wanted to learn more about it. With that thought in tow, she became a vegan for 2 months to learn how to order at a restaurant and the struggles with it. It was this process that lead her to become a hunter.

Today we talk about it all. She tells us about her process of becoming a hunter through being a chef and how it has made her knowledge grow from learning about all animals around.

Things you will learn from Bri

  • Growing up an animal lover
  • Social media and it's pit falls
  • Cooking more than just a grilled back strap or poppers
  • The Mac N' Cheese Secret
  • Bosch and Kitchen Aid
  • Process becoming a hunter
  • Shooting a bow
  • Wanted more recipes that weren't all wrapped in bacon
  • Wanting to go ice fishing
  • Can't eat olives
  • Things to not ask a chef
  • European Hop

Rapid Fire Questions

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what 1 item would you take with you? An axe

Rain or Snow Storm, and what would you do in it? Snow, and a snow angle

Biggest Pet Peeve? People chewing with their mouth open

What is something you have always wanted to do but haven't? Swim with a Whale Shark

How do you like your steak? Rare Plus

What is something you need to stop doing and why? My sugar addiction.........

You have a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where do you go? Iceland! I want to sit in a blue lagoon!

You get bitten by a Vampire, what age do you want to be stuck at? 26

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? Cook more!

You have been asked to give a 40 minute presentation, what do you give it on? The importance of hunters and wild game meat.

What is a skill you would love to master? at the moment it would be a recurve bow.

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