EP078: Cara Holland

Cara grew up with hunting being a part of her life. Her dad would guide people on duck hunts. She remembers waiting for him to return on the river bank and wanting to be a helper anyway she could. Today she talks about how hunting has always been a staple in her life and how it continues to be to this day. Hunting even played a big roll in her recent proposal! You won't want to miss her stories!

Things you will learn from Cara

  • Favorite thing to do when hunters would come back from their fowl hunts with her dad
  • Favorite story she was told about her Uncle Lewis and how she still shoots his gun
  • Water Fowl tips:
    • Its interactive
    • Stay warm - get the hand and toe warmers
    • Enjoy the experience
    • Be open about it 
    • Always be ready to learn something new
  • Her proposal story
  • Co-Host for Ducks Unlimited TV

Rapid Fire Questions

what other hobby would you like to pick up if time and money weren't an issue? Be more crafty and artistic

What do you wish you knew more about? All the animals

You have a genie lamp, what do you wish for? Health, happiness and a big buck this fall!

If you could live or visit a fictional place where would it be? Wizard of Oz

If you were given a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? NewZealand or Hawaii for Turkey

If you were3 on Naked and Afraid, what 1 item would you take with you? Hatchet

Biggest pet peeve: I can't tell you mine, but I can tall you Grants....

If you didn't have to sleep what would you do with the extra time? Build my website.

You and your partner switch places for a day, what do you do? Go to the gym. 

You have been chosen to give a 40minute presentation, what do you chose to talk on? Everything I just talked to you about.

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