EP077: Heather & Ashley Round 2

Today, Heather, Ashley and I team back up to talk on the beginning stages of starting a lifestyle change.

Charlene Calahesin I know for me it would be where to start? As in, how do you know where to start on deciding on what works for YOU? In the podcast it was mentioned that there is lots of experimenting that goes on to see how your body responds... is there are starting point? something you'd recommend? I know the word "diet" is being dubbed a bad word, but being real, thats what our eating habits combined is called. A DIET.... so are there specific diets you'd recommend for someone trying to achieve different things? EG: Weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, endurance gain... and then there are 10 000 fitness questions I could ask. (ok, maybe I DO just need to call you Ashley!)

  • It depends on the lifestyle you want.
  • If you want to start with something, it needs to be small things changes that she can adopt over a long period of time.
  • Look at what is causing you stress in your lifestyle so that it will be easier to change your dietary lifestyle.
  • You can’t start by Googling. Making a lifestyle change has to fit your schedule.
  • Start by writing your schedule laid out, calories in vs calories out and getting your resting metabolic rate or BMR.
  • Making sure that if you should be eating 1,600 calories but are working out 5 days a week, you need to eat more as to not send your body into a stress response.
  • Start with a food journal like Fitness Pal or FitBit.


  • 3500 calories is 1 pound.
  • Needs to make a lifestyle change a priority
  • Top 3: Eating, sleeping and working, the gym is no longer my top priority. Difficult to accept
  • You can’t have 5 top priorities
  • What are you willing to give up?
  • My struggles. Mother nature.
  • How Ashley and I broke down my new change.
  • The importance of breakfast
  • Pushing your eating window to later in the day.
  • Water
  • No woman should have to drop below the 1200 calories line and 1600 at the lowest for men.
  • Balance at every meal.
  • Don’t starve yourself.
  • Not recommending cleanses, liquid diets, any sort of short term shotgun solutions.
  • Small changes.
  • It doesn’t become so abrasive.

Questions recap: Take the baby steps and find a workout plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule. Pick a coach or program to help you along the way and someone you can trust. Less calories = losing weight is false. Track your food yourself.  And you need variation. Pick foods that you like.

Kait West I've never been the type of person that felt like I had to worry about fitness and nutrition. My degree is in exercise science and my minor in nutrition. I always felt like I was super smart about it 😂🙄 I live a very active lifestyle. Then I had a baby and even a year out I STILL feel like I can't get back on track. I don't know if it's stopping nursing recently, all the sudden I have to compensate for the calories I burned without trying, just postpartum in general or a change in metabolism (30 is fast approaching too!) or a combination of all of the above. I'm not really sure what my question is but maybe simply just how do women, specifically post baby adapt to and combat changes, in our bodies to to reach weight loss and fitness goals? I realize I will probably never look like my pre baby self and I don't care about that. I just want to feel stronger and be able to keep up with Jason without feeling like I'm killing myself but it sure feels like it's taking a LONG time. You can tell me to just be patient and I'll get over it 😜

  • Your body goes through so many changes throughout your pregnancy and after. It takes 5-6 months of post birth or post pregnancy.
  • 2 type of women post pregnancy: those that bounce back fast and those that it seems like it will never come off.

Lora Varju - Why is meal planning for 5 people so stressful??  this was so much easier when I was working from home and had more time.

  • Start small. Don’t make a gourmet meal at first and create a meal plan. Make it a priority and that’s why it becomes such a difficulty.
  • Remove processed foods, add whole foods and animal proteins.
  • Are you a moderator or obstainer?


Contact Heather or Ashley if you have any questions!

  • Heather@HeathersChoice.com
  • ashleykurtenbach@hotmail.com

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