EP074: Rachelle Hedrick

Rachelle Hedrick grew up wearing nothing but her favorite blue shoes and playing in the mud. She watched her dad play sports and be an avid outdoorsman. He showed her that is was time and dedication that would push her forward in life. When she was 7, she lost her father to cancer. 

Rachelle was an athletic young woman with a strong love for the outdoors. She began dating her now husband and what was their first official date? Fly Fishing! and what was their second? Dove Hunting, and he told her that he loved her! What a romantic! This sparked her interests into the hunting realm and stuck to it like glue! She and her husband even started a outfitter called Smoke Hole Outfitters & Resort.

Rachelle has been very blessed to have gone out on so many hunts. She has traveled all over the world and she shares some of her most memorable with me in today's podcast! She tells of her trip to the Yukon and how this years turkey hunts went. Tune to hear all about them!  

Things you will learn from Rachelle

  • Dahl sheep harvest in the Yukon
  • Mountain Lion Harvest in Colorado
  • Tells some of her red stag that was 14th in the world and 1st for a woman
  • Muley hunts
  • Where she wants to travel and hunt next
  • There is a lot of detail to her stories! Make sure you listen in!

Rapid Fire Questions

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what one item would you take with you? Probably a knife

If you were ever caught dead, where would it be? On the side of the road from wrecking my car because there was a sider in my vehicle!

If you were to name one piece of clothing that best describes you, what would it be? Silky Under Armor shorts and a tank. And flip flops!

What is the one thing you can't live without? My blanky, Mr. Silky.

You get the chance to meat anyone dead or alive, Who would you meet and what would you ask them? My dad. So many stories I would like to share with him.

You get to the Pearly Gates, what does God say to you? Well, done my good and faithful servent, come on in... we have lots to shoot up here

What skill would you like to master? I would love to shoot a long bow!

What song or movie do you have completely memorized? Geese, Joe Dirt, Talladega Nights, Pitch Perfect....

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? Shoot my bow more... design more..... So many things I need to do that I just can't catch up on.

You have been chosen to give a 40 minute presentation, what do you chose to talk on? Hunting around the world.

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IG: @rachellehedrick

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