EP068: Rachel Ahtila - Full Curl Podcast

Rachel Ahtila has returned and she is here to talk about her new adventure. The Full Curl Podcast is now LIVE on all major podcasting apps.

Things you will learn from Rachel

  • Lives on the road between 3 towns, horses and international boarders.
  • How much goes into a podcast.
  • How much we have been in touch over the last weeks.
  • How she is bringing conservation to the front line
  • How she hopes to make it grow!
  • The #EloquentDoofus
  • Our passions

Rapid Fire Questions

What is something that you wish you knew more about? Men

If you were frozen and then woken up 100 years later, what would be your first 5 questions? Where is Tim Horton? Where am I? Is sheep hunting still a thing? WHere are my clothes? Gosh that was col, where is a hot tub?

What fictional place you would want to visit or live in? Take me to old Scottland, Outlander.

When people come to you for help, what do they ask you for? Laura's number

What is one skill you would like to master if time and money were not an issue? This is going to sound weird and hippyish of me, but yoga.

What song or movie to do you have completely memorized? Smash Mouth, 1970 Something

If you were to be changed into a vampire, what age would you want to be stuck at? 24

What is your go to band or music genere? Country, Gregory Allen Isakov "The Stable Song"

What is something you would like to do the old fashion way all the time? Talk to people eye contact?

Who had impressed you the most with what they have accomplished? My friend Ana.

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