EP059: Ashley Kurtenbach

Ashley Kurtenbach grew up in Iowa where her family did some hunting but it wasn't really what the girls did. It wasn't until she met her husband that she decided she really wanted to learn how to shoot a bow. Jesse (her husband) told her that if she wanted to hunt she had to up to par before he would take her out. It took her between 2 and 3 years before she was ready and took to the field. And that was that. She took off at a fast pace learning everything that she could. 

Also at this time, Ashley was competing in NPC Bikini Competitions. She saw a couple of girls she knew start doing it and her competitive nature kicked in. She figured she could do it, so she did! She gives some good tips on what its all about.

Things you will learn from Ashley

  • She shot a bow for years before getting her tags and more before she ever made a harvest
  • She travels all over to hunt
  • Her moose hunt
  • NPC Competitions: Pros and Cons
  • Our Online Archery Group 10X Hot Shots

Rapid Fire Questions

Biggest Pet Peeve: People smacking their food, and anyone that knows me will tell you that!

If you could pick one piece of clothing that best describes you, what would it be? These yeti boots are pretty sweet!

If you had a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world where would it be? New Zeland? But I love Hawaii, and Alaska.

You show up at the Pearly Gates, what does God say to you? Well done. You lived a full life.

Morning, Noon or Night: Morning

Favorite Sport to watch: Football 

If you were to write a book about yourself what would you call it? Livin' It Up!

Important Links:

FB: Ashley Kurtenbach - Ashley Kurtenbach Bikini Competitor

IG: @ashleykurt

iTunes: EP059: Ashley Kurtenbach



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