EP065: Trisha Rector

Trisha grew up with the farm life. From her family growing corn, hay and tobacco and raising angus cattle. She remembers creating bows out of tobacco and straw and pretending it was a bow and running through the fields. When hunting season came, she would learn all she could through her dads friends, brother-in-law and younger brother. Soaking up as much knowledge as she could. She began practicing karate and advanced quickly through the sport, as well as several others. 

She was reintroduced to hunting through a previous relationship and found the love in the hunt. When that relationship didn't last she met her husband Patrick and it has been going strong ever since. She learned a lot from him and his dad and not long after began to film their hunting experiences. You can find their endeavors on the pages for Rector Reality (link below).

Things you'll learn from Trisha

  • Differences in a square bale and round bale of hay
  • All the different sports she played
  • Her karate accomplishments
  • First harvest at 14 with .243
  • Started filming together in 2015 season
  • Fell into trucks and hunting
  • She favorite weapon
  • What we can do to inspire others to get outdoors

Rapid Fire Questions

We flip the cards, Trisha has to come up with some questions too!

Zebras; Black or White: White with Black Stripes

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what 1 item would you take with you? Machette or a knife

What is one word that would describe you the best?  Determined

If you could pick your favorite, go to outfit, what would it be? Camo

What is the letter that best describes you? D. Determined and Dedicated.

Biggest pet peeve: When people touch my face and people telling you that you are lucky when it took hard work.

Craziest thing you did as a kid? I cut a computer wire with scissors and I got electrocuted by it.

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? I have always had this weird obsession with the name Natalie.

Pick 10 words to describe yourself: 1)Determined, 2)Dedicated, 3)Caring, 4)Passionate, 5)Hard, 6)Working, 7)Lover,  8)Shy, 9)Outgoing, 10)My self!

Important Links

FB: Trisha Rector      Rector's Reality

IG: @trisha_rector    @rectorsreality

TW: @tfinke800

YouTube: Rector's Reality





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