EP064: He Hunts She Cooks - Dan and Bobbie Wasilko

Dan and Bobbie Jo Wasilko have become the perfect hunter and chef team! Dan has always been a hunter. Bobbie Jo has always been around hunting. When life pulls them down different paths, they meet back up at a high school reunion and click. From Pennsylvania, Dan shows Bobbie Jo the California life and ,with her girls, falls in love with it! With Dan going out to hunt the the lands of California, Bobbie Jo began to cook with the game he harvested. She tried everything and has found some amazing recipes! 

During our conversation today, Dan and Bobbie Jo tell me all about how they brought together the hunting and cooking and how they created He Hunts She Cooks.

Things you will learn from

  • Why it's important to go to high school reunions
  • Game meat for different cuisines
  • Canning meat
  • Aging - how and why they do it
  • Sous Vide Supreme - What it is and how it works
  • Eating in courses and an all day event
  • How they came up with He Hunts She Cooks, what it means, and what they do

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite Type of Game Meat: 

Bobbie - California Black Tail

Dan - Wild Pig

Favorite Cuisine:

Bobbie - Italian

Dan - Russian/Polish

If you had a plane ticket to fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Bobbie - Tuscany

Dan – I would go with her to Tuscany

What is the one thing that makes your day happen?

Bobbie – When the hubby goes to Starbucks in the morning to get me an iced tea.

Dan – It’s going to get her that iced tea.

You’re a super hero, what is your name and super power

Bobbie – I would love to fly – Bobbie Jet Set

Dan – Eagle Eye Dan. Special seeing powers

Knowledge or imagination

Bobbie – Imagination. You could come up with something no one else has.

Dan – Knowledge. Its how you accomplish things

Important Links

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YouTube: He Hunts She Cooks

iTunes: THWP EP064: He Hunts She Cooks - Dan and Bobbie Jo Wasilko