EP063: Lori Lengle

Lori Lengle grew up in Pennsylvania in an outdoors family. She remembers going fishing and eating the catch, that she knew exactly what kind of fish she had without being told. Walleye was her favorite!

Lori always wanted to go whitetail hunting. When she was 14, she started going to the range with her dad before he got really sick. After her dad got pneumonia, he really wanted her to go still go out with her brother. She did not have a successful harvest on that trip but her brother did. Her dad was so proud of her pushing through and still going out. 1 year later, he passed away. This made the family fall away from hunting.

Years later, she met her husband Chuck. The day after she met him, he was on his way to go bear hunting. 1 year later she was going with him and his dad. Since then, her hunting career has taken off! She has been a many successful harvests and been on some amazing trips!

As we are riding in the car to record this, Lori tells of some of her favorite hunts and some of her most important things to hunt!

Things you will learn from Lori

  • How much she "dislikes" the cold
  • How many heating packs she uses and where
  • Pros and cons of early season hunting
  • Some of her favorite hunts and why

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite Subject in school: Not math. 

Biggest Pet Peeve: Wet Socks

Morning, Noon or Night: Noon

What is the worst thing you did as a kid? Never Smiled

Bubble Gum or Mint: Bubble Gum

If you were to write a book about self, what would you call it? New Adventures

If you were to pick a letter of the alphabet, that best describes you, what would it be? L for Lovable

Would you ever kiss a frog: Yes

Favorite Boy Band: I didn't have one. 

Favorite band or singer? Luke Bryan or Jason Alden

Last film you saw: John Wick 2

If someone calls out Marco, do you yell back Polo? Yeah! All the time.

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IG: @lorilengle

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