EP060: Jana Waller

Jana Waller sat down with me at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo (WHCE) after trying to get our schedules to match for the over a year. Jana has been hunting for her whole life. It started with her dad hunting fowl like ducks and pheasants. She didn't get behind a bow until she was a freshman in college and met a friend who bow hunted. She asked her how she did it because she couldn't pull a bow back, this girl said, "well you have to get it tuned down." Since then she hasn't wanted to put it down. She hunts with all weapons but her bow is her favorite.

Things you will learn from Jana

  • Friendship necklaces from Tine Designs By Mindi
  • The work she does with Wishes for Warriors
  • Some of the places she has traveled
  • Women's March stance
  • About Kryptek camo for women
  • "Hunting is all about living. Not killing."
  • How Skull Bound TV got started
  • Nevada Grassie - Skull artist - Facebook - Instagram
  • Katie Luttrell - Leather worker  - Instagram

Rapid Fire Questions

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what is the 1 item you would take with you? A pot, but I want to take a knife.... Watch Impact Insanity

Ski or Snowboard: Neither. I would rather hike.

Rain or snow storm: Snow, I love to hike in snow storms I just want to be out in it.

What is something you have always wanted to do but haven't? Ok, this is crazy, I'm still afraid to do it. I am going to go into great white shark cages in Africa. I am deathly afraid to do this!

Who would you chose to be on your zombie apocalypse team? You get 3 people. Jim Kinsey, Chance Giannelli, Julie McQueen and Kristy Titus!

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten: I love trying new and weird things. It not weird but I want to educate your listeners, Mountain Lion is wonderful. It's like pork chop consistency. 

If you were ever caught dead, where would it be? Definitely hunting! Rocky Mountains elk hunting, and the reason I'm dead is because there are so many grizzlies.

Worst thing you did as a kid? I was actually a really well behaved kid. But I think I lied to my parents about have a party.

What is something you don't want to regret when you get older? Wow, that's a deep question. My whole life. (Listen in to hear the rest of her answer)

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