EP021: Brenda Valentine

Brenda Valentine "First Lady of Hunting" doesn't know what it would be like without hunting. She was raised hunting and relying on that meat for all their meals. And when you think about all the meat you have in your freezer, it may be a but different than what Brenda had. Want some raccoon, possum and groundhog? Well, these were every day staples at her home. She even tells us about her grandmas coon house.

Brenda has hunted 30 states, 6 countries and has been on 9 African Safaris. She has written articles and recipes for NWTF and is known by women all around the world. She inspires you and old to get into the outdoors and not be afraid.

Things you will learn from Brenda

  • Different recipes she has had with different kinds of meat
  • How she raised her kids in the outdoors
  • "If it wasn't meant to eat, God wouldn't have made it out of meat."
  • Try new things
  • The feeling of accomplishment that comes from providing for your family
  • Wonder Woman

Rapid Fire Questions

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? Whitetail deer, I understand them more and have hunted them longer.

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Snail, Escargot, in Germany.

What foods do you dislike? I don't like potatoes. I like sweet potatoes but not regular, especially mashed.

Secret Obsession/ Guilty Pleasure: Cowboy boots, any kind of hat and turquoise.

Rain or snow storm? Both. Rain, I like to wake up at night to it beating on the house. Snow, everything is covered white.

Morning, Noon or Night: Morning.

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FB: Brenda Valentine

IG: @brendavalentine1stlady

iTunes: EP021: Brenda Valentine


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