EP020: Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder started hunting around the age of 8 with her dad after they moved from the city to the country. It was always around but stepped back from hunting farther into school and focused more on sports. At 17 she lost her sister in a car accident and struggled to find an outlet. 6 years ago, she began to hunt again with her now husband, Wally. He brought her back to the hunt after being away for years. She picked right back up and hit the fowl wold with a love and passion that no one can take away. She calls water fowl hunting challenging and that is why she has decided to dedicate most of her time to it.

Things you will learn from Kimberly

  • A burnt cork can be great face paint
  • Why she sends her dogs off to be trained
  • She was chosen to be August 2015 American Women Shooter of the week
  • Duck calling and turkey tips

Rapid Fire Questions

Motto in life: Failure is not an option

Would you ever kiss a frog? Um, sure.

Favorite Sports Team: Baseball fanatic and yes I love the Yankees

How do you like your steak? Medium Rage

If you were an animal would you be and why? Fly, I could go anywhere and see everything

Favorite place to watch TV?

Underwear or Commando: Underwear

Biggest Pet Peeve: Liars

How many tattoos do you have? How many? Too many to count!

Important Links

FB: Kimberly Snyder

IG: @sny134

iTunes: THWP EP020: Kimberly Snyder



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