EP019: Backwoods Riley

Riley was raised in Austin, TX but born in Kansas City, MO with her sister. At 4 years old she was adopted by her stepdad. Although her parents divorced at 6, Riley stayed with her dad/stepdad. At the age of 9 Riley decided she wanted to try and live with her mom. It didn't last very long before her mom dropped her off at the local police station to try and send her back to live with her dad. Because of this, Riley lived in the Foster Care system for 6 months and stayed in 4 homes. These were some of the events that molded Riley into the strong women that she is today.

In today's interview Riley tells us about her past, present, and her daughter. We talk about how she got into being a internet personality and what happened the first time around.

Video's we talk on:

-Live & Let Hunt-Big Hair & Caterpillar Eye Brows-Flamingo Hunting-

Things you will learn from Riley

  • A rough childhood can make or break you
  • How amazing her daughter is
  • When she started fishing
  • Why she hasn't been hunting yet
  • The life of being followed by a lot of people on social media

Rapid Fire Questions

Biggest Pet Peeve: Chew in the sink

Favorite Cuisine: Sushi

Morning, Noon or Night: Night

What did you want to be when you grew up? Nascar Driver

Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Apple Cider: None

What 3 people would you choose to be on your zombie apocalypse team? Jessie, Brother Robert and Ronald Reagan

Important Links

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IG: @backwoodsriley

iTunes: THWP EP019: Backwoods Riley

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