EP056: Charlene Calahesin

Charlene Calahesin has been around hunting her whole life. Her first memory of water fowl hunting consists of soaking wet socks in her boots and freezing the whole time.

Charlene is part of a Canadian TV show called On Point Adventures were they show the real life of hunting and working with Germain Shorthair Pointers (GSP Dogs). They give you the guts and the glory. Have you missed a bird before with all your shots? Done it on camera? Well, Char tells a story about how it happened to her whole group at 10 yards!

Things you'll learn from Charlene

  • What she did with some others to breed their GSP Cricket.
  • Why she won't water fowl hunt in a small boat.
  • How the tag system works in Canada.
  • What On Point Adventures is and what they do.

Rapid Fire Questions

Summer or Winter - Summer

Dogs or Cats - Cats are just live dog treats

Biggest Pet Peeve - Stupid People

What was the last film you saw? Star Wars

Knowledge or Imagination - They go together so well. Both.

What is the funniest prank you have played on someone or had played on you? When I was working in the sports store, I had a ton of caping chairs. I finally dealt with them all and they were all to a point where I could sell them. Then I had another truck load come and to handle that I just put them in my bosses office.

What TV shows are you watching that you are addicted to? This Is Us.

If you could have unlimited storage of 1 thing, what would it be? Ammo for a 20 gauge.

If you were to write a book about your self, what would you call it? Oh God..... Where to begin? Hold on, this gets confusing? You'll get it at the end.

What is something that you hate doing and why? Dishes.

Important Links

FB: Charlene Calahesin On Point Adventures

IG: @On.Point.Char @OnPointAdventures

iTunes: EP056: Charlene Calahesin


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