EP090: Glen Stilson - Dirt Medicine

Glen Stilson is on today to talk about Dirt Medicine. We only brush the surface on what can all be learned! Make sure to tune in and we hope you decide to seek more knowledge on how you can be proactive for those who need help! 

Things you will learn about Glen

  • Grew up hunting
  • 4H & FFA
  • Dad was a hunter and a veteran who worked with K9's.
  • Joined military, but didn't get into the medical side until he became a father
  • CLS - Combat Life Saving Method
  • Stop The Bleed Coalition
  • Medical Changes
  • Mental Changes
  • "No one is coming, it's up to us"
  • Vegas Shooting Example
  • 1st Responders shift: Professional to Individual Application
  • Teaching how to react
    • Standard to work to
    • A way to measure the standard
    • Pressure test it
  • Confidence in your Competence
  • Example of Buck Fever
  • Know your tools and the factors that will change them.
  • Taking hospital tactics to the field and why they don't always work
  • CPR - before 4%, now 40%
    • Only compressions
  • "Training Trumps Tools"
  • Places for training:
  • Tools:
    • Tactical Medic
    • CAT Tourniquet
      • Must be at least 1 inch wide
      • Must be intuitive
      • Must have a windless or be able to add one
    • TK4/TKL4 Tourniquet
  • Independence Training YouTube
    • Massive Hemorrhage
    • Air Way
    • Respirations
    • Circulation
    • Hypothermia/Shock
  • Ankle Kit
    • Pressure Bandage
    • Soft T Wide Tourniquet
    • 5 inch Shears
    • Emergency Blanket
    • Hemostatic Gauze
    • Pack of Duct Tape
    • Gloves
    • 2 Enclosure Seals

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