EP088: Amelia MacLachlan

Amelia MacLachlan lives in a rural town in Alberta, Canada. Today, we are talking about taxidermy! Check out all the awesome things that Amelia and I talk bout! 

Things you will learn from Amelia

  • Wildlife Artistry By Amelia
  • History of taxidermy
  • Taxidermy and tanning the hide
  • "Too poor to have a pot to piss in"
  • Tanners used pee
  • Victorian times
  • Google search "Old Bad Taxidermy"
  • Carl Akeley
  • The progression of taxidermy
  •  Zoos vs Taxidermy Museum
  • People know more about their cars than their bodies
  • The smells
  • How she got into Taxidermy
  • Her artistic background
  • Her love of skulls
  • More taxidermy stories and info!!

Rapid Fire Questions

If you could turn anything into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal? Snacking and Procrastinating

What is the worst habit that you have? Scrutinizing my own work

What songs or movie do you have completely memorized? Kill Bill 1 & 2

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? Still sleep.

What fictional place would you like to live in or visit? High Rule, from Zelda.

What do you consider to be the best find in the world? My husband

What do you feel takes up too much of your time? Doing the dishes!!

What is something you would like to do the old fashioned way? Cooking food

Biggest Pet Peeve? People who drive too slow in the left hand lane

Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant rodent? Giant Rodent!!

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