EP052: Carmen Neil with Ta Ta Bang Bang

Carmen Neil has had some amazing, life altering experiences. And through it all, she has come out on top and pushed back!

Carmen is the owner and operator of Shoot Sports for Cancer and Ta Ta Bang Bang. They work upon each other to create a shooting event for Cancer. They have several event and bring many people together.

On Today's podcast, Carmen shares her experiences, when they started, how she overcame, and things to watch out for.

Things you'll learn from Carmen:

  • How she found out that she had breast cancer
  • What the process was after getting the news
  • How she found it again and how it came back after 1 1/2 years
  • What Ta Ta Bang Bang is all about

Rapid Fire Questions:

Giraffes: Brown or Tan: Brown

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Slushy or Milkshake: Vanilla Milkshake

What does everyone deserve to do in life? Live and be happy

How do you like your eggs? Over Medium

Favorite Subject in School? Science

Silver or Gold: Silver

Chess or Checkers: Checkers

Favorite Color: Pink

Summer or Winter: Summer

Ski or Snowboard: Ski

Pepsi or Coke: Coke

Important Links

FB: Ta Ta Bang Bang, Carmen Neil

IG: @tatabangbang, @dcneil9107

TW: @tatabangbang, @carmenneil

iTunes: EP052: Carmen Neil


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