EP016 : Kallee Servey

Kallee Servey has been hunting with her dad her whole life. Her twin sister hasn't dived as deep as Kallee but will still go out with them from time to time. She has had a bit of a hard time on the mountain with her feet as she suffers from Taylor Bunnions but she remains optimistic for each hunt that comes her way!

Things you'll learn from Kallee

  • How she harvested her first animals
  • Hunting with a muzzlerloader
  • Her favorite hunts
  • Biggest obsticles

Rapid Fire Questions

What did you want to be when you were a child? A Vet.

Bubble Gum or Mint: Bubble Gum

Are you a back seat driver? Yeah.

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Cuisine: Spaghetti

Morning, Noon or night: Morning

How do you like your steak? Medium Rare

Biggest Pet Peeve: Bike riders on the road.

What does everyone deserve to do in life? Go hunting and be happy.

Favorite Comfort Food: Oreos

Secret Obsession: Disney Movies

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Slushy or Milkshake: Slushy

What kind? Cherry and Coconut

Rain or Snow Storm: Rain Storm

What would you do in it? Dance and have fun

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what 1 item would you take with you? A knife

What is something that you need to stop doing? Bitting my nails

If you could pick 3 people to be on your zombie apocalypse team, who would they be? Step mom, Jana Waller and my dad

Important Links

FB: Kallee Servey

IG: @sniperchic_kal

iTunes: EP016: Kallee Servey

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