EP015 : Shannon Lansdowne

Shannon Lansdowne didn't grow up in the hunting world in the usual way. She grew up as an outfitters daughter. She always wanted to be a guide or outfitter growing up. At 19 she started working as a guide but didn't have her first harvest for a couple years when she shot a moose. She was also the 2016 winner of the Extreme Huntress Competition.

Today she tells us of her favorite hunts and what goes into being a part of the Extreme Huntress Competition

Things you'll learn from Shannon:

  • What it was like growing up as the outfitters daughter 
  • Hunting was an escape from school
  • Tips on hunting as a couple

Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip

#1 Getaway Vacation: Maui

If you were stuck in the wilderness, what shelter would you use? Cedar Tree

Morning, Noon or Night: Night

Rain or Snow Storm: Both, running in the rain and snow makes things pretty

Secret Obsession or Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate

Bubble Gum or Mint: Bubble Gum

What did you want to be when you grew up? Guide Outfitter

What is something you need to stop doing? Eating Ice Cream

Favorite Board Game: Life

Something you have always wanted to do but haven't? Deep Sea Fishing

Comfort Food: Sourdough Bread

Who would you choose to be on your zombie apocalypse team? Brother, husband and dad

Important Links

FB: Shannon Lansdowne

IG: @lansdowneshan

Twitter: @lansdowneshan

iTunes: EP015: Shannon Lansdowne


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