EP009: Sara Brandenburg

Sara Brandenburg is a very accomplished hunter at just the young age of 21.  She has been honored to have some amazing titles attached to her name. Such as 2012 Youth Hunter of the Year, Youngest Women to accomplish a Grand Slam and Youngest Women to accomplish the North American Super Ten.

She tells of her favorite stories from each and how she was selected in 2012.

Things you learn from Sara:

  • What a Grand Slam consists of and how to accomplish it.
  • The harvests she had for her Grand Slam
  • What is is the North American Super Slam and Super Ten.
  • The harvest she had for her Super Ten.
  • How to enter in to be Youth Hunter of the Year
  • How different it is to hunt public land vs private.


Rapid Fire

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what 1 item would you take with you? A Gun

Favorite Shelter- Tent

Spring or Fall- Fall

Summer or Winter- Winter

Slushy or Milkshake- Milkshake

What would you do on a rainy day? Play in it.

Favorite Cookie- Chocolate Chip

Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Apple Cider- Hot Chocolate

Pepsi or Coke- Pepsi

Rain or Snow Storm- Snow Storm

Favorite Subject in school- English

Favorite Book- In The Long Grass

Pool, Ocean or Lake- Lake

Favorite Board Game- Monopoly

Biggest Pet Peeve- Lying

What does everyone deserve to do in life? To Try

Dream Job- Professional Hunter

What is something that you need to stop doing? Putting my hair in a bun.

Silver or Gold- Silver

Hard or Soft- Hard

Important Links:

FB: Sara Brandenburg

IG: @sararosebrendenburg

iTunes: EP009: Sara Brandengurg


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