EP008: Jamie Rentmeister

Jamie Rentmeister seems to be hard working women, but what lies beneath? An avid hunter who just had the hunt of a lifetime!

Jamie has been putting in points for a Utah Limited Entry Archery Elk Hunt for several years. Well, this year in 2015, she was able to attain the tag. 

She tells about her experience and what she is looking forward to in future hunts.

Rapid Fire

Favorite Color- Red

Mashed Potatoes, eat them with a spoon or a fork- Fork

Spring or Fall- Fall

Summer or Winter- Summer

Favorite Cuisine- Mexican

Slushy or Milkshake- Milkshake

Giraffes; Brown or Tan- Tan

What would you do on a rain day? Shoot my bow in the basement

Favorite way to pack out? Horseback

Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Apple Cider- Hot Chocolate

Ski or Snowboard- Snowboard

Ski or Wakeboard- Wakeboard

Pepsi or Coke

Rain or Snow Storm- Snow Storm

Favorite subject in school- PE(Gym)

Chess or Checkers- Checkers

Morning, Noon or Night- Night

How do you like you steak? Medium Rare

Biggest Pet Peeve- Driving under the speed limit

What does everyone deserve to do in life? Whatever they love

Dream Job- Travel the World

What is something you have always wanted to do but haven't? Hunt black bear

Favorite Cartoon Growing Up- Smurfs

Favorite Actor- Matthew McConahey

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IG: @jamierentmeister

iTunes:  EP008: Jamie Rentmeister

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