EP004: Christy Barney

Christy Barney has been a lifelong hunter. She would go along with her dad from a young age, but really got into it after she met her husband and received her first bow.

Over the years, she has been able to harvest some amazing animals, including a trip to South Africa. 

Many people get their information about South African hunts from the media and not from looking into them themselves. Christy tells us about her trip and and how great it was to work with the outfitter she and her husband went with.

Not only is Christy a busy hunter, she has also been working with some young women to train them in archery and ready them for their first hunts. 

Things you'll learn from Christy:

  • When you go on an African hunt, you can select your harvest animals.
  • Outfitters work with so many hunters that they take care of almost everything for you.
  • Meat from your African harvests gets divided up. You get to have a sample, then the rest is either donated to sent to be sold.
  • She shoots her bow every morning to help with muscle memory.

Rapid Fire

If you were on Naked and Afraid, what 1 item would you take? Shoes

Summer or Winter - Winter

Spring or Fall- Fall

Pepsi or Coke - Dr. Pepper

Silver or Gold  - Silver

Morning, Noon or Night- Morning

How do you like your steak? Well

Favorite Meat? Elk

Favorite Game?  Monopoly

Pool or Ocean - Pool

Favorite Book - Seabiscuit

Biggest Pet Peeve - People chewing their nails 

Something you will never get tired of- Husband

Dogs or Cats - Dogs

Slushy or Milkshake - Milkshake

Favorite Cookies? Ginger Snaps

Zebras: Black or White - Both

Giraffes: Brown or Tan - Both

What would you do on a rainy day? Sleep

Rain Storm or Snow Storm - Snow Storm

Favorite Subject? Math

What does everyone deserve in life? To be happy

Dream Job - Anything in the hunting industry

What is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t? Not having to work and just hunt!

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