EP003: Sidnee George

Sidnee George Cunningham is a wife and mom of 2 who love the outdoors. When she was younger, she would practically beg her dad to take her out hunting but to no avail. 

After she had met her, now, husband, she really got elbow deep into the hunting world. Womens hunting clothes were not really an option at this time and she had to get by with either the smallest men sizes or even the youth ones.

She now practices and hunts regularly on the Wasatch front and loves taking her kids with her. Her daughter is her spitting image who would rather go duck hunting than a school dance. 

Things you will learn from Sidnee:

  • She would rather be on the mountain than stuck behind a desk.
  • She had to find her way in the hunting world without much female guidence
  • How she was able to get her kids involved.
  • How we are related by marriage

Rapid Fire Questions:

Gun or Bow - Bow

What would you do on a rainy day? Hunt

Zebras: Black or white?  Neither

Hike or Horseback - Hike

Cats or Dogs - Both

Pepsi or Coke - Neither

Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider -  Coffee

Chess or Checkers - Phase 10

Rain Storm or Snow Storm - Snow Storm

Home Grown or Store Bought - Home Grown

Favorite Color - Pink

Mashed Potatoes, Fork or Spoon - Fork

Summer or Winter - Fall

Spring or Fall - Fall

Slushy or Milkshake - Slushy

Farm (1 hour away from everything) or City (1 hour away from hunting) - Farm

Favorite Cuisine - Deer Burgers

Ski or Wake Board - Ski

Ski or Snow Board - Snow Board

Important Links:

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IG: @o.n.e._luv

iTunes: EP003: Sidnee George


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