EP002: Sadie Kennel

Sadie Kennel is what you would call an Ultimate Outdoors Woman! She can rough it with the best of them with no problems. 

Sadie started hunting at 17 as she became interested in the archery word inspired by her friends. Her first hunt was a cow elk hunt where she harvested a cow and felt that she was very fortunate. First hunt and first harvest? Winner! This ultimately has become her favorite hunt.

Sadie classifies her biggest hunting disappoint to be in 2014 on a fall elk/deer hunt. She also calls it her frustrating learning curve: Excited️frustrated️excited️frustrated️excited. She dive us the full details in her interview.

She currently hunts as often as she can with her boyfriend and will occasional go out by her self, but has some anxieties about going out alone. Her family supports her passion for hunting and being in the outdoors. They say that she is following in her grandfathers footsteps. She did get a bit of a hiccup with social media though. She and her boyfriend created a time lapse of them building a antler shed tree and some of the anti-hunters were not thrilled about that..... (Find the link here)

Sadie practices her archery skills as often as she can and keeps her bow with her in case she can get away from work on her lunch break and make it to the range. She has been shooting the Hoyt Vixen but just recently made the switch to the Nitrum.

This girl is an amazing avid hunter and has some awesome stories! 

Things you will learn about Sadie:

  • The hunt for her is not always about the harvest.
  • She is known as the Sitka Girl, #sitkagirl
  • She trains and keeps herself in hunting shape all year.
  • We need to educate more people about conservation and hunting.

Rapid Fire Questions:

If you were on naked and afraid what one item would you take with you- knife

Zebras are they black or white-black

What would you do on a rainy day-fish

Cats or dogs-dogs

Summer or winter-summer

Spring or fall-fall

Morning noon or night-noon

Biggest pet peeve-bad drivers

Ski or wakeboard-never done either before

Ski or snowboard-ski

Pepsi or Coke-neither

Homegrown or store bought-homegrown

Hike or horseback-hike

slushy or milkshake-milkshake

Favorite color-pink

Favorite cuisine-pizza

Mashed potatoes with a fork or spoon-fork

Farm or city-farm

#1 getaway vacation visited-mountains

#1 getaway vacation not visited -Alaska

Hot chocolate or apple cider-hot chocolate

Rain storm or snowstorm-snowstorm

Favorite subject in school-biology

Chess or checkers-chess

Silver or gold-silver

How do you like your steak? Rare to medium rare.

Hard or soft-soft

Imprtant Links:

Exo Mountain Packs

Hoyt Nitrum

Sitka Camo

Time lapse video found here

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IG: @s80_love

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