EP001: Jessica Amos

Jessica started hunting as a child with her dad an her uncle. After her parents divorce, she would travel back and forth between their homes. After her mom moved to Arizona, she would do some hunting there and travel up to her dads hunting outfit in Colorado.

She has harvested many animals and has a unique story to how her adult life has unfolded. During her 2nd pregnancy, Jessica was diagnosed with Melanoma. After delivery, she was able to have the cancer removed and begin remission. In her 3rd pregnancy, she was again diagnosed with another round. She pushed through and is now living melanoma free! 

Through her experiences, she submitted an application to the Extreme Huntress Competition. She is about to head out and she gives us the background before leaves.

Things you will learn from Jessica:

  • An explanation of the Extreme Huntress application process and how to be selected.
  • How she involves her kids.
  • Her favorite Bull hunt.
  • Things that have happened because of social media; including a gentleman who shows up at her house.
  • Inspiring word from a mom of 3 who can run with the guys.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Pepsi or coke - coke

Morning, noon or night - night

Steak - medium rare

Mash potatoes - fork

Cuisine - meat and potatoes

Dream car - leveled and decked out truck

Weapon - bow

Gold or silver - silver

Dog or cat - dog

Color - pink - hate pink camo

Nickname - Jess

Hard or soft - soft

Last person to dinner - Easton, oldest son

Ski or wake - ski

Ski or snow - ski

Winter or summer - winter

Spring or fall - fall

Tattoos - 4, kids names and a scripture

Important Links:

Extreme Huntress Competition

FB:Jessica AmosJessica's Public Page

IG: @jess_the_huntress

iTunes: EP001: Jessica Amos


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