The Universe Has Your Back


The Universe Has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

I was approached by a great friend to join her Positive Light Book Club. This was the first book that we read. I originally ordered it on Audible, where the author reads it herself, but started to enjoy it and wanted to follow along with the book and highlight important parts for me. I'm venturing into the self-help side of books and thought that this seemed like a great place to start.

Gabrielle has a smooth form of writing and it flows very well. She begins the book with self reflection, we are resistant to being happy, why? Why don't I want to improve? Universal Lessons are integrated throughout as main points to remember. Many of them make you think and reflect back on yourself and how to improve. Many of her points are showing you how to react with love to the universe or your higher power.

On the in-between of Universal Lessons and stories, Gabrielle gives several different forms of meditations. Some are simple and require very little effort, other require hand movements and verbal ques. 

Through the book I found many things that I could reflect on and use myself in my daily life to live through love. Many of the prayers don't really fit into my spiritual beliefs but I altered them to work for what I needed in the moment. 

I truly enjoyed this book as it was uplifting and easy to follow. However, near the end of the book, I became edgy to some of her stories and had to use her own teaching to complete the book. Understanding that not everyone has the same beliefs as me on the 2nd amendment, doesn't mean that I can't approach it with love and agree to disagree.

I give this book: 3 stars

Why: Not my favorite but it had some good points that I will always keep in mind