Sometimes hunters aren’t just born. Some of us find our way into the hunting world through family/spouses or find it interesting. Since 2015, The Hunting Widow Podcast has been dedicated to helping women learn more about hunting and showing them that we too can get into the outdoors. We want all women, from all walks of life, to not be afraid to try or learn more about hunting. We are here as a team to help you know where to start. Listen in to our podcast guest as they share their stories about where they began and how far they have come.


Ryan & Laura Eakin

What a pair! There wouldn't be a THWP without the two of these people! 

On the rough days, Ryan pushes Laura to keep going and to strive to be better, he is the reason Laura started The Hunting Widow Podcast! It was his encouragement that has helped Laura to bring you some of the leading ladies in the hunting industry! Laura steps up to the mic while Ryan works in the background, watching the market and know where to take things next!


laura eakin - host

In 2015, Laura sat with her husband and said, "Enough, I'm done being a 'hunting widow'. I'm hunting next year too!" With her journey into the hunting world starting, she need to hear how other women did it, and thus, started The Hunting Widow Podcast. She has been around hunting her whole life but didn't get into it until 2015. She loves to hunt in all seasons and most weapons but loves to shoot her bow all year.

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ryan Eakin - Marketing Director

Ryan has always been an outdoors enthusiast. What started as riding 4-wheelers in the dunes turned to his love of being on the mountain, then into hunting. He eats, dreams, and breathes hunting. As his passion for hunting grew, he started a hunting apparel line called ZIIS. It was here that he began to dive into all things marketing and has used his knowledge to help The Hunting Widow grow! 


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